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Regarding this case: America's Businesses vs Ed Magedson, the jury finds...
Ed Magedson - GUILTY! Case Closed!

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A large package of information and irrefutable evidence will be presented to Law Enforcement and the Media for dissemination at weeks end. If anyone has any additional information that will help further this investigation of Ed Magedson and the Rip Off Report, please contact us by clicking HERE!. Thank You.

Update: 08/28/08

Ed Magedson shakes down his own neighbor for $8000!!!
Sounds like one of his Ripoff Reports!
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Sent: Friday, December 31, 2004 7:36 PM
To:; Chris McFarland; Steve Miller
Cc:; 'Maria Crimi Speth'
Subject: Proposed settlement offer Federated Financial... RE: as per our last conversation
Chris McFarland & Steve Miller.
SO you know, I have had no Internet for the last 2 hours.. Plus, I am running a fever and going to bed.
...If you want the Corporate Advocacy Program
I would give you a reduced fee of $2,500 up front and a monthly monitoring of about $125 a month.. paid every 4 months.
The normal cost for the amount of Reports you have would be about $9,000 and much more of a monthly monitoring fee,.
An investigative Report by Rip-off Report. In this case, we know it would be a very positive one, turning all the negatives into a positive. Anyone would want to do business with your company. You will wish there were more Rip-off Reports on you, ...NO joke...
Monitoring and verifying FIRST all Rip-off Reports and REBUTTALS. they would be contacted within in 30 minutes of their filing and put into a holding bin,  we would also be explaining a positive view of what has happened over time and how we know, (and we do know) that you will take care of the situation, and they would be given your special contact e-mail address to take care of any issues they did not get resolved by your staff with in 14 days. AS a part of this program, Federated Financial (like all its other members) would be guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction and a refund of fees if they were not satisfied. ( if applicable)  (this can vary with different businesses and can be discussed)
There is a lot more to the program, I will sent that to you if you want, it will come  as an attached document....
Have a happy safe and healthy new year!
ED Magedson





Update: 08/10/08

This is how Ed steals: Here is a copy of a letter written to Hy Cite Corp asking for $30,000.00!!! to fix their negative reports that he created himself!!
July 11, 2003
Corporate Customer Advocacy Program
Assisting companies working towards a better image

Hy Cite - Royal Prestige
Ingrid C. Arvalo Villanueva (608) 273-3373 x 6126


As you have seen, the web site ( has the goal to help consumers... we will require a check for $30,000 made payable to Once this mailing goes out, and all the reports are UPDATED in a positive light by either HY Cite refunding their money or by stating Hy Cite tried to refund and the author of the report was either a disgruntled employee..etc etc?

Once all the Reports are updated, we would receive an additional $20,000 with in 5 days of the last Report being UPDATED, we would notify you by e-mail . We will notify Ingrid (or whoever you designate) of this, and would expect the payment to be sent over night mail to a designated address at that time?

ALSO (additional cost) : is willing to assist in any investigation or complaints about your company, and willing to explain your willingness to comply as we truthfully see it. You may have prospective customers and possible franchises call us..

If we get any e-mail on your company or a Rip-off Report comes in, that indo will be immediately be forwarded to your designated employee. We will give you a chance to take care of the situation avoiding a possible new Rip-off Report being posted.

Starting 30 days after the second payment of $20,000 we would require a monthly retainer of $1,500...

Email Highlights from Ed Magedson to Hy Cite. Click here for the full email thread.

He then asks Mini Vacations for another $7500.00 to fix their reports too. The extortion continues.....

Click HERE to read the full email.

Update: 03/30/08

Apparently, Ed Magedson has been busy moving his website to Turkey!! We assume that Ed has been so busy covering his tracks that he missed this positive report about us on the, and he let it accidentally slip through.

If he is true to form he'll remove it soon. He's never allowed anything positive about Federated to remain for long on his website, and when we refused to pay him, he removed all of our responses and rebuttals and began publishing absurd nonsense about us. He has never before published the praise our extremely satisfied customers have attempted to shower upon us. Forget the Rip Off Report if you are looking for the truth.

Newark, Ohio, U.S.A.
Submitted: 11/15/2007 1:14:14 PM
Modified: 11/15/2007 1:20:12 PM
Coleman Law Offices / Federated Financial

I have been a customer of Coleman Law Offices/Federated Financial for about 15 months now. I decided to go w/ them for all of my debt consolidation and credit help. They basically took all of my creditor information along with my debts and how much I owed each of them, worked with the creditors to cut my interest rates in half and started making payments to each of them until they were paid off. They negotiated with my creditors to help get my debt resolved.

I am now making my last payment to them and all of my debt is paid off!!! I think they were great!! My monthly payment was very very reasonable especially for the amount of debt I had, and it was easy to do. They just automatically deducted my payment out of my checking account once every month on the exact date. I never had any problems with them, in fact I think it's a great program. I not only had credit card debt but hospital debt too. They made it very easy to pay off everything I had.

When I call Coleman Law Offices/Federated Financial I get great customer service and they are always very helpful. I kept tract of my creditor payments every month and all of my money was accounted for and put toward my debt. Fortunately my experience was good, and I would recommend this company to everyone. Im sorry to everyone who had bad experiences...


Extra, Extra! Read ALL about it! Arizona New Times EXPOSES Ed Magedson! Click here to view!

Ed Magedson and the Rip Off Report EXPOSED in a WSVN Fox News Television Report! Click here to view!

Ed Magedson
Consumer Advocate/Extortionist
Maria Crimi Speth
Ed's Attorney/Partner?
Lee Mackson
Florida Attorney
Geoffrey Travis
Florida Attorney


Ed Magedson explains why he created rip-off report: "I became infuriated as I witnessed these powerful people and groups engaging in despicable practices with impunity because of the knowledge and confidence that the sheer cost of combating them through the legal system protected them from all reprisals: 'Go ahead and prove it,' or ..'Go ahead ..Sue me.' "

Ed Magedson personally defamed us on 12/24/2002: "Here is an idea; why don't you just do the right thing for the victim...." Then he taunted us to go ahead and sue him: "Hey Stevie...You should get yourself a lawyer who is Internet savvy. ...Companies with a lot deeper pockets than you thought about coming after us. ...hey, take your best shot."
RipOff Report #38900

Now, Ed Magedson won't let us, Federated Financial, post rebuttals on his sites, and

This is because we did sue him -he gave us no alternative- and in the process we revealed that he uses his websites to extort money from honest businesses in return for the removal of complaints from . Also, in what he himself has described as a conflict of interest, Magedson sells his positive testimonial for cash. After we sued him for falsely portraying us in a negative light, he has published the most absurd and salacious lies about Federated Financial and its employees, so we have created this site as a forum to prove our side of the story.

On October 13, 2005 Ed Magedson testified under oath that he recently placed Federated Financial on the Rip-Off Report home page list of "Top Rip Off Links," for reasons unrelated to any aspect of Federated's services to the public. Magedson swore that, "I have no other way to retaliate...." Click Here to Read the Transcript

Ed Magedson Lies to his readers. Click here for proof of the "Consumer Advocate's" deceit.


At and Magedson's websites now praise the virtues of, a San Diego company (scroll down for a screen shot of how 'consumer' complaint titles concerning were doctored by Magedson). On February 8, 2005, Kevin Jones, Deputy General Counsel for, emailed us about what he described as, "extortion like tactics of RipOffReport." According to, Magedson and his rip-off report are under investigation by the FBI.

Magedson Twists the Truth and We Translate paid Ed Magedson and, suddenly, the Rip-Off Report ( & now reads like an advertisement for Transitioning from consumer advocate to advertising executive in one fell swoop, Magedson has "updated" (rewritten) the titles of all of the 'consumer' complaints about this California company that now pays him. Of course, now that the Rip-off Report has been "retained" (well-paid in advance) by this business, Ed Magedson, corporate spokesperson, claims that "exemplifies corporate integrity" (met Ed's Price).


Ed's Extortionate Email to
Ed's Extortionate Email to
Federated Financial:
Ed's Extortionate Email to
Mini Vacations:
Ed's Extorionate Email to
International Creative Artists:




Mini Vacations, a Sarasota, FL business, paid Magedson over $50,000, to edit and delete content on the Rip-Off Report.
Second Florida Company, Incredible Discoveries/Sundown Capital Group, located here in Deerfield Beach, also paid to Magedson for positive treatment on his Rip-Off Report
See cancelled checks here.
Ed Magedson swears Rip-Off Report does "no business in Florida" (p.1. para.3.) and does not "edit or manipulate [the website] content" (p.3.para.4.)
...and the list goes on and on.
11/12/07 Update

It's been shown time and again that the Rip-Off Report is a scam. In fact, the titles and headlines on the rip off reports are selected from a list created by Magedson that only permits negative comments as selections. Through and, Magedson prevents good comments about businesses from which he, literally, extorts money in return for positive treatment on the website.

Don't be fooled, Ed Magedson controls everything you see on the Rip-Off Report. Many bad businesses he gives positive testimonials because they pay him, and vice versa: Many good businesses are vilified because they DON'T pay Magedson. We refused to pay him and he has posted false nonsense about us to punish us, has removed our rebuttals to the one or two actual comments about us, and has refused to allow us to comment on his website ever since. He moved our company's name to the front page of his website, and he has continued to make all the false old reports about us appear new by putting more recent dates on everything he has written.

Magedson hid the fact that he gets paid for positive treatment until we sued him!

We've since been vindicated as businesses all over the country have lined up to bring Federal RICO charges for extortion against Magedson and his attorney and partner, Maria Crimi Speth.

11/5/07 Update

The Rip-off report and have filed papers in Federal Court in which the owner, Ed Magedson, and his partner, Maria Crmi Speth, continue to falsely maintain that the Rip-Off Report is a free site on which anyone can post, without charge. The following extract is from the statement authored by Maria Crmi Speth, and filed in the case of GW Equity LLC v. Xcentric Ventures LLC et al, 3:07-cv-00976, (txndce; 06/01/2007).

Sounds great, except the truth is that when Federated Financial refused to pay the extortion Magedson demanded, he removed our rebuttals and has prevented us from responding on his website ever since. In this email, Magedson shows how "free" it was for Federated Financial to obtain equal time on his website. The fact of the matter is that the Rip-Off Report is designed to support the extortion of its owner:

"I would give you a reduced fee of $2,500 up front and a monthly monitoring of about $125 a month.. paid every 4 months. The normal cost for the amount of Reports you have would be about $9,000 and much more of a monthly monitoring fee..."

10/25/07 Update

Our website was the first to ask why Ed Magedson's attorney would perjure herself in Court and lie on the internet in order to make extra judicial, misleading arguments in support of the Rip Off Report. She became a shrill defender of her client's extortion racket to an extreme that made us question her own impartiality. She misled the Florida courts on several occasions by arguing that the Rip Off Report and her client, Ed Magedson had no business contacts in Florida, despite clear evidence of extortion payments made to her client by Florida businesses. We couldn't see why Speth would put her own neck on the chopping block like this, unless she were actually Magedson's partner and not just his lawyer.

It seems we aren't the only ones who believe this. A lawsuit filed last week in Federal Court, states that Maria Crimin Speth, the lawyer for the Rip-Off Report, ( and, and her law firm, Jaburg and Wilk, PC, are partners and co conspirators with Magedson. This suit specifically names Speth and her law firm as being implicated in the extortion scheme. We'll be interested to see what discovery of her law firm yields by way of payments to her trust account from businesses reported on the Rip-Off Report.

10/22/07 Update

The Rip-Off Report and its owner, Ed Magedson, publish scurrilous lies, false accounts, and frightening stories designed to get businesses to pay extortion. The RipOff Report will say nice things about the extorted company and and will no longer create or publish negative statements, provided the victim business continues to pay blackmail.

Scores of independent businesses from around the country have each come to the same conclusion about the rip off report extortion scheme.

In the latest such lawsuit, filed last week, 10/17/07 the Plaintiff writes:

...This is just the most recent example of Magedson's extortion Racket. Numerous businesses have brought similar RICO claims in Federal Court. To read more on this lawsuit, and the latest claim that Maria Crimi Speth is an accessory to these acts, check here for the next daily update. Check back here for additional news regarding this extortion racket, as things are really heating up and we expect that more light will soon be shown on these crooks.

February 5th 2007

Yet another front opens in the war for truth and justice. Magedson and Rip-Off Report sued again in Federal Court.

1:07-cv-00222-SWKIGIA, Inc. v. Xcentric Ventures, LLC et al
Shirley Wohl Kram, presiding
Date filed: 01/11/2007 Date of last filing: 01/11/2007


Doc. No.
Filed: 01/11/2007
Entered: 01/17/2007
Summons Issued
Filed: 01/11/2007
Entered: 01/17/2007
Case Designation
Filed: 01/11/2007
Entered: 01/17/2007
Case Designated ECF.
Filed: 01/11/2007
Entered: 01/17/2007
Filed: 01/11/2007
Entered: 01/17/2007
Rule 7.1 Corporate Disclosure Statement

December 22nd 2006

Ed Magedson, the outlaw behind and, has been sued once again in US District Court. The new lawsuit was filed in the Eastern District of New York. That Complaint, is still another action by a new and independent source, yet it also alleges Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act violations and Extortion. It's everything we've said all along, corroborated, once again, by another independent source. Here is a copy of the Complaint.

This makes five (5) Federal lawsuits against these criminals, alleging essentially the same thing we have said about them all along. It's nice to be proven correct once again. Hint to Consumers: DON'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ ON THE RIP-OFF REPORT.

November 27th 2006

Ed Magedson is fighting for his life in Illinois Federal Court for the right to continue publishing the following despicable lies and personal attacks, despite already having been held in contempt of court for doing so. Consider carefully the base nature of these criticisms Magedson struggles to keep on his website.

Cries of pedophilia, child pornography and drug dealing to children are typically unfair criticisms of a business, but this is a shared experience for all those targeted by Magedson for his Corporate Remediation Plan (aka Extortion Racket). After unsuspecting businesses initially object to what is typically much more benign criticism, then Magedson starts to create his own comments intended to embarrass and harass the company and its owners into submission. One can see many examples of this by reading this website carefully. The pattern is the same: Once Magedson knows he has a business' attention, if the mark won't pay his extortion demand, Rip-Off Report pulls out the stops and goes for the maximum damage with scandalous allegations of child pornography, pedophilia and drug dealing. We question the public interest in reading lies like these, and we know from personal, first hand experience that Magedson and the Rip-Off Report only fight for the right to keep such filth online in order to further their ongoing extortion racket:

Original Court Document, Pages 1-2.

Update: November 24th 2006


A new front has opened for ED Magedson in a Tennessee Federal Court. This is the fourth active case that we know of in Federal Court, in addition to actions pending in Florida, Arizona, and Illinois. The new claims allege Racketeering and Civil Conspiracy by Magedson and his minions, the operative facts of which focus on Magedson's bogus "Corporate Advocacy and Business Remediation Program". We expect many more companies to come forward soon, now that it has been revealed for the world to see how the Rip-Off Report is used as a criminal tool by its operators. We are proud to state that we were the very first to expose Magedson, and to report on this website that this 'Corporate Advocacy Program' is the artifice through which the Rip-Off Report extorts hundreds of thousands of dollars from businesses. We'd like to see all of these Plaintiffs obtain justice.

In the new legal proceeding in Tennessee Federal Court, consider the Complaint of Energy Automation Systems. Because independent companies from all around the country are saying the same thing about Magedson and his co conspirators, it's difficult to believe that no criminal conspiracy charges have yet been filed against ED Magedson. Time will tell. We still believe justice will reach ED Magedson, whatever hole he may have squirreled himself into. Hopefully, the identical charges from companies around the country that have nothing to do with one another, will demonstrate the truth in what we have said all along about the Rip-Off Report and its operators. They are common criminals with an uncommon, 21st century criminal scheme:

United States Code:

Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure

1951. Interference with commerce by threats or violence
The term "extortion" means the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.

1343. Fraud by wire, radio, or television
Whoever, having devised or intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or causes to be transmitted by means of wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce, any writings, signs, signals, pictures, or sounds for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both. If the violation affects a financial institution, such person shall be fined not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.

Update: November 15th 2006
Magedson info sent to us yesterday

"You will see that the address of 2033 W McDowell Blvd Apache Junction, AZ 85220 is in the name of the trust. Ed Magedson refinanced the house in September 2006 for $417,000.00. Again, he is allowed to take a fee as trustee. You will find that Ed Magedson filed an unlawful detainer against Eric Skelling at the same address earlier this year. Mr. Skelling is reported to have used P.O. 310 Tempe. Several other people use the box as well, many of them connected to Tupper Lake, NY. RIPOFFREPORT has many listings of Tupperlake, NY and there is evidence that Ed Magedson still has connection there.

It appears that the aforementioned trust also owns property at 6426 S McClintock, Tempe AZ. Stein Mart is located at that particular address but also has Original Business Concepts which is also cross referenced to the P.O. Box. Nevada Secretary of State has this as a LLC with the member David Bedore. The P.O. Box has activity from a couple of different Bedores but their residences appear to be Tupper Lake, NY."

October 19th 2006

Today, October 19, 2006, the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division had scheduled a hearing to determine the extent and nature of punishment for contempt of court by Ed Magedson and the Rip-Off Report, after they violated that court's order to remove defamatory materials from their website. Unfortunately, that hearing has been rescheduled until December 12, 2006, as Magedson's lawyer continues to delay the case.

Meanwhile, Magedson continues to publish the most scurrilous materials about the company that complained to the Federal Court in the first place. Despite a Federal Court Order directing him to remove the defamation about that business, Magedson removed only one or two posts, but created and maintains dozens of others. He now features the Plaintiff, George S. May, on the Rip-off Report home page. The Plaintiff recently claimed over a million dollars in damages as a result of Magedson thumbing his nose at the Court. At last count there were over 54 rip-off reports filed by Magedson and his crew against this company that sued him.

Is it a mere coincidence that anyone who sues or testifies against Magedson gets vilified to no end on his website? Or is this part of Magedson's extortion scam: any who refuse to pay or any brave enough to stand up to him in court are targeted for the worst possible treatment on the rip-off report? Instead of a source for useful information the rip-off report appears to have become Ed Magedson's vehicle for revenge and harassment. In fact he testified under oath: "I have no other way to retaliate"

When will he learn?

9/26/07 Update

This Federal Court Order establishes once and for all that Ed Magedson and the Rip-Off Report may be sued in the home state of any businesses they extort!!

The Rip-Off Report and its owner, Ed Magedson, publish scurrilous lies, false accounts, and frightening stories designed to get businesses to pay up. In exchange, the website owner will say nice things about the extorted company and stop publishing negative statements as long as the victim business continues to pay him blackmail.

Take the company "Hy Cite" as an example. Read our website below for the details of the basis for the lawsuit this company brought against Magedson and the Rip Off Report. The ROR was demanding many tens of thousands of dollars EACH MONTH for the type of positive treatment Hy Cite today receives on the Rip Off Report (SINCE THEY DROPPED THEIR LAWSUIT).

After two and a half years of litigation that case was settled. Today, Hy Cite's Rip-Off Reports all start with this statement from the owner of the Rip Off Report:

"Rip Off Report Investigation shows that Hy Cite Corporation / Royal Prestige is a reputable firm that fulfills its commitment to provide excellent customer service. Rip-off Report gives Hy Cite Corporation / Royal Prestige a POSITIVE rating in customer support and quality assurance, backed by pledges monitored by Rip-off Report. Hy Cite Corporation / Royal Prestige pledges to resolve customer complaints and is fully committed to 100% customer satisfaction."

What changed? Either Hy Cite knuckled under and agreed to pay Magedson, or are they getting this treatment for free or at "a discount" (as Magedson once offered us) as part of the agreement ending their lawsuit. Meanwhile, Ed Magedson continues to both extort businesses and request donations from consumers, claiming he is a consumer advocate and that the Rip Off Report is somehow a credible source for consumer issues. In fact, he uses that website as a litter box for his own private complaints and/or "positive rating[s]" about businesses, depending on whether they sue him, or pay him. We can tell you from personal experience that no investigations take place before Ed Magedson gives businesses a positive rating. He was even willing to permit us to write HIS review of our business, provided that we paid him every month. He had done absolutely no investigation of us. To this day he continues to prevent us from defending ourselves on his website because we have instead exposed his racket.

Now, no less than seven (7) independent businesses are suing him in various US District Courts around the country, and they all basically allege claims of wire fraud and violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). We urge all consumers to obtain information regarding businesses they may form a relationship with from other, more credible resources, like the Better Business Bureau and Chambers of Commerce.

Scores of independent businesses from around the country have each come to the same conclusion about the rip off report extortion scheme. Below is a copy of the Federal Court Docket against Ed Magedson. These are just the Federal Complaints and don't include those of companies like ours, which sued in state court. Let the consumer beware!

Name Court Case No. Filed NOS Closed  
1 MAGEDSON, ED flmdce 2:2004cv00047 11/13/2006 840  
Whitney Information, et al v. Xcentric Ventures, et al
2 MAGEDSON, ED nysdce 1:2007cv00222 01/11/2007 470  
IGIA, Inc. v. Xcentric Ventures, LLC et al
3 MAGEDSON, ED flmdce 6:2003cv00279 03/07/2003 890 10/28/2003
Trans Cont. Talent, et al v. Badbusinessbureau, et al
4 MAGEDSON, ED pawdce 2:2004cv00567 04/14/2004 320 05/28/2004
PRITCHARD, et al v. MAGEDSON, et al
5 MAGEDSON, ED azdce 2:2003cv00848 05/06/2003 320 04/13/2004
Randell v. BADbusinessbureau.or, et al
6 MAGEDSON, ED azdce 2:2003cv00894 05/13/2003 320 04/13/2004
Tolner v. BADbusinessbureau.or, et al
7 MAGEDSON, ED azdce 2:2003cv00895 05/13/2003 320 04/13/2004
Bears v. BADbusinessbureau.or, et al
8 MAGEDSON, ED azdce 2:2007cv00954 05/10/2007 470  
Xcentric Ventures, LLC et al v. Stanley et al
9 MAGEDSON, ED azdce 2:2007cv00954 05/10/2007 470  
Xcentric Ventures, LLC et al v. Stanley et al
10 MAGEDSON, ED azdce 2:2007cv00956 05/10/2007 320  
Global Royalties, Ltd. et al v. Xcentric Ventures, LLC et al
11 MAGEDSON, ED tnmdce 3:2006cv01079 11/06/2006 470  
Energy Automation Systems, Inc. v. Xcentric Ventures, LLC et al
12 MAGEDSON, ED azdce 2:2004cv02856 12/10/2004 470 05/11/2007
Hy Cite Corporation v., et al
13 MAGEDSON, ED nysdce 1:2003cv04479 06/12/2003 320 07/27/2004
Guida v. Magedson, et al
14 MAGEDSON, ED ilndce 1:2004cv06018 09/15/2004 890 02/09/2007
George S May Intl, et al v. Xcentric Ventures, et al
15 MAGEDSON, ED nyedce 2:2006cv06590 12/11/2006 470  
Cambridge Who's Who Publishing, Inc. v. Xcentric Ventures, LLC et al
16 MAGEDSON, EDWARD nyndce 5:1991cv00213 02/26/1991 440 04/12/1993
Magedson v. Fina, et al
17 MAGEDSON, EDWARD txndce 3:2007cv00976 06/01/2007 320  
GW Equity LLC v. Xcentric Ventures LLC et al
18 MAGEDSON, EDWARD tnmdce 3:2006cv01079 11/06/2006 470  
Energy Automation Systems, Inc. v. Xcentric Ventures, LLC et al
19 MAGEDSON, EDWARD caedce 2:2004cv01175 06/18/2004 320 08/26/2004
Deutch v. Kreb, et al
20 MAGEDSON, EDWARD txndce 3:2002cv02727 12/20/2002 890 04/19/2004
MCW Inc v. LLC, et al
21 MAGEDSON, EDWARD nyedce 2:2006cv06590 12/11/2006 470  
Cambridge Who's Who Publishing, Inc. v. Xcentric Ventures, LLC et al
22 MAGEDSON, JANE DOE azdce 2:2007cv00956 05/10/2007 320  
Global Royalties, Ltd. et al v. Xcentric Ventures, LLC et al
March 7, 2006 Update:

St. Patrick's Day in Court for the Rip-Off Report
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01/30/06 - Update

Heads up to the many lawyers out there who are still battling to establish jurisdiction over Ed Magedson, Xcentric Ventures, and the Rip-Off Report websites. Although Magedson denied it under oath who wants to bet whether or not he or his attorney/partner have been paid to facilitate the class action against Ocwen Bank that was filed in Orlando, FL?

Check out the Illinois Court Order of January 18, 2006, (excerpted below) which states that Magedson sought $800,000 per year as compensation for assisting class actions nationwide. Who really believes he worked against Ocwen in Florida for free? Did Ed Magedson perjure himself when, under oath, he denied commercial interests in the Ocwen class action? What did Attorney Speth know about that class action, and when did she learn of it? Was Ed paid for the Florida class action? Was Attorney Speth paid? Inquiring minds want to know.

Readers of the Rip-Off Report must carefully consider the propriety of this arrangement, even if the Illinois Federal Court has declined to do so at this time. (See footnote 4 below) In the public interest we ask, should someone in Magedson's position be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to drum up class action lawsuits against businesses? Should the public be kept in the dark about Magedson's significant financial interests in promoting lawsuits against businesses targeted by his website?

Where does the public interest end and Magedson's private greed begin? Why is Ed Magedson the only self-avowed "consumer advocate" who must remain in hiding?



Illinois Federal Court Smacks Down Jurisdictional Objection of Rip-Off Report. his is the same U.S. District Court Judge (Norgle) that has held Ed Magedson and Xcentric Ventures in contempt of court for refusing to delete defamation from and . Magedson pretends that promoting defamation is the only way he can "retaliate" for being sued. He apparently hopes to advance the fiction that paying him is the only way to cope with harmful defamation on his websites. In fact, Rip-Off Report can be sued, even for third party defamation, where well pled RICO claims are predicated on alleged acts of wire fraud and threatened extortion. Haven't we been saying this all along? What makes Ed Magedson think his websites are the only wall in the world where hateful graffiti can remain forever? More importantly, why would he desire this????? READ ON>>>


Federal Judge denies Magedson's lawyers' request to verbally address the court for reconsideration of this Federal Court Order that he contemptuously disregarded this Order regarding defamation of George S. May by the Rip-Off Report.

Meanwhile, Magedson continues to publish comments like this about George S. May's employee: "He used mind controlling fear tactics to make us believe our company had failed and I could only fix it by buying his overpriced services."

Why does Ed Magedson continue to risk the wrath of the Illinois Federal Judge?

Read this Order by an Arizona Federal Judge that RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act ) claims against Magedson and the Rip-Off Report are well pled, and that he has no immunity under the Communications Decency Act. Mr. Magedson may soon learn a lesson in individual responsibility that the rest of us learned in grammar school. He admittedly knows better: "Adherence to the Golden Rule and treating others fairly and squarely is a code of conduct that I practice in all business and personal endeavors." -Ed Magedson


THEN: Ed Magedson, October 13, 2005, under oath: "I don't know what Unim is."

NOW: Ed Magedson, December 14, 2005, on the Rip-Off Report: "UNIM commits to Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program BOCA RATON, Florida"

First, Magedson denied knowing who this company was, and now makes no mention of the hefty fees paid to the Rip-Off Report by Unim. Why would that be?

Federal Judge Rules (Click here to read Court Order): Threatened Extortion and Wire Fraud by Ed Magedson and the Rip-Off Report are properly alleged as predicate acts under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO):

"Remedying the publication of false and defamatory complaints, which Defendants allegedly created and solicited, does not give Defendants the right to collect fees."

For a description of the alleged, illicit fees charged to businesses by the Rip-Off Report, read this email from Magedson to Hy Cite.


Attorney Maria Crimi Speth is simultaneously arguing to three separate Florida courts about three separate Florida defamation claims, from three separate Florida businesses who have all alleged that the Rip-Off Report can properly be sued in Florida. These three Plaintiffs don't even include the three other Florida companies that are already paying ED and the Rip-Off Report. Yet Magedson still claims he doesn't have minimum contacts with the sunshine state, and Attorney Maria Crimi Speth continues to argue that the Florida courts don't have jurisdiction. They sing the same false song even in this case where the Federal Court previously ruled that Florida DOES have jurisdiction. Who do they think they are kidding?


Magedson first claims that he "redacts" Social Security numbers from his websites because the State of Arizona "prohibits publication of Social Security numbers", then he admits to maliciously publishing Steve Miller's Social Security number. This is the same type of pernicious conduct seen in the FTC complaints repeatedly made about Magedson: No morals.

It's not just big businesses that Magedson's Rip-Off Report websites harm and threaten every day. It's everyday people just like you.

Check out the number of complaints about Rip-Off Report, which were produced in response to a Freedom of Information Act Request to the FTC!!!! Don't just take our word for it. Read the transcripts to see how many people are complaining about how Magedson makes his money. He only edits his website if he is paid, no matter how harmful the substance of what appears there is shown to be.
Click Here to download the transcript (Right Click, Save Target As).


The Rip-Off Report is only concerned with making a buck, and has no regard for publishing the truth. Its owner intentionally hides behind the First Amendment in a scheme to promote hateful, false and deceptive speech because his goal is to assure that he can demand a payoff from the defamation victims. Look carefully at the lengths to which and will go to publish defamation unless paid money to remove or mask it by publishing the EDitor's glowing opinions. Another good example is this Illinois case in which EDitor Magedson continues to violate both the spirit and intent of a Federal Court Order requiring the removal of defamation. Ed plays dumb, like a fox. In fact, he always plays dumb. He's a natural for the role, but don't fall for it. He knows exactly what he is doing, including what states he is doing it in. Regardless, it is just plain wrong, no matter what misleading legal arguments Attorney Speth can concoct.
Click here to pull back the curtain on the extortionist.


Ed Magedson was so angry that we discovered another Florida company that pays him extortion money that he resorted to foul language at his deposition, muttering "bullshit," as he denies the truth. Click to read the transcript


Magedson and the Rip-Off Report were sued again in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, and yet again Magedson falsely swears to yet another Florida Court that they do no business in Florida. Keep reading our website and look at the evidence yourself. Look at the number of Florida companies they have shaken down for money, then judge for yourself if they transact any business here in Florida. They have been paid many thousands dollars from Florida companies, yet they continue to try to mislead several Florida Courts. Hey Ed, we don't see anything in that Affidavit about National Grants Conferences, Mini Vacations, Incredible Discoveries, Federated Financial, Universal Communications Systems, Select Your Gifts, or any other Florida companies you have targeted. It's not too late to tell the truth about the extent of your contacts with Florida. Maybe you need to slap yourself again. Maria can help.


Magedson thumbs his nose at Federal Judge that Ordered him to remove defamatory postings from his website. Read this excellent discussion of why Magedson was held in contempt of that Federal Court Order and why he should be severely punished for his misconduct. This is how victims of the Rip-Off Report can and should fight back!

On October 13, 2005 Ed Magedson testified under oath that he recently placed Federated Financial on the Rip-Off Report home page list of "Top Rip Off Links," for reasons unrelated to any aspect of Federated's services to the public. Magedson swore that, "I have no other way to retaliate...." Click Here to Read the Transcript


Ed Magedson's lawyers, attorneys for & failed to appear in court today, abandoning their "Support" for a Temporary Injunction to limit postings on this website. PETITION for INJUNCTION DENIED! THE TRUTH WILL BE TOLD!


To Our Thousands of readers, we haven't quit in our lawsuit against Ed Magedson, and Don't let the lack of new information fool you. Discovery continues, and we will take this case to the finish. Check back here soon for status updates and groundbreaking additional information about bringing Ed Magedson and the Rip Off Report to justice.


A Listing of ALL Federal Court cases VS Ed Magedson

How many more cases are there in State Courts?


Ed Magedson ignores Court Order.

Hides from the Justice System like the criminal that he is.


Defendant/Attorney Maria Crimi Speth ordered to answer Interrogatories directed to her, personally, concerning the audio tapes she and Ed Magedson have boasted about. Who has the tapes? Where are the tapes currently located? When were the tapes created? What was the purpose of the tapes? Whose voices can be heard on the tapes?

Maria, you need not wait to receive the Interrogatories. You can make this information, "Appendix A" of your emotional (and false), online plea, "The Straight Story".


Ed Magedson cornered! Judge orders him to sit for deposition


Ed Magedson's Lawyer/Partner, Maria Crimi Speth has been SERVED!

Who is going to represent Ed Magedson now?!?!

2nd Update

Counsel for now acts as though he has no idea why we would want to subpoena his company that is now paying Ed Magedson despite previously describing his methods as extortionate. What are they hiding? Why won't they produce the requested documents?

-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin Jones []
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 8:44 PM
To: Charles Whitelock; Christopher J. Whitelock

Dear Counsel,

Today, my office received a purported SUBPOENA DUCES TECUM WITH DEPOSITION which appears to be signed by one of you. Since said document fails to cite any authority whatsoever which would command an out of state deponent to travel to Florida, produce documents and be deposed, please provide such authority immediately.

In addition, please explain how may have any information which is relevant to the State claims which your client has made in Circuit Court.

Thanks [sic] you.

Kevin B. Jones, Esq.
Deputy General Counsel.


Ed Magedson, Editor of and, and Attorney Maria Crimi Speth, to be sued again in Florida. Check back here for the details.


The CLOCK is ticking for Maria Crimi Speth and Ed Magedson Check back soon. We know something THEY don't know!


As anticipated, Florida Judge Grants Federated Financial's request to Sue Attorney Maria Crimi Speth (the lawyer for as a Party/ Defendant in the Broward County Lawsuit Against Ed Magedson and


National Grants Conferences and subpoenaed in lawsuit versus and How much have they paid? What were they promised?


National Grants Conferences
2385 Northwest Executive Center Drive
Ste. 290
Boca Raton florida 33431

ANATOMY OF A SHAKEDOWN (in three easy steps)

1. It's funny how anonymous third parties often are situated perfectly in order to submit on the Rip-Off Report information on Ed Magedson's prospective corporate advocacy clients. It's more than funny; it's mind-boggling. On 3/9/2004, the ROR created some convenient pressure in its efforts to market Ed Magedson's corporate advocacy program to National Grants Conferences by publishing this amazingly coincidental first hand, anonymous 'third party'/ ex employee account of their future client's alleged bribe of the Boca Raton Better Business Bureau (BBB):
Rebuttal UPDATE EX-employee responds
Submitted: 3/9/2004 11:14:02 PM Modified: 5/8/2004 12:03:20 PM

They have bribed the Boca Raton BBB not to give them a bad rating.

I was THERE at the Boca Office when they gave the BBB the money. SICK! And that Congrssman Lou Frey --- Well he gets $1 a head for every poor sucker that comes to the sales pitch. What a scam - Crooked Company, Crooked BBB and a Crooked Congressman. How the hell are we supposed to win??????

Henry - Boca Raton, Florida

2. Lucky for Ed Magedson, this most excellent witness, "Henry," not only just happened to be in the BBB office to observe this alleged bribe, but also just happened to report it on the Rip-Off Report at this particular time when Ed was rolling out his new product: the ROR corporate advocacy program! Otherwise, Ed might not have signed up National Grants as a new client for his corporate advocacy program just a few weeks later. On or about 4/26/04, Ed's testimonial stated that National Grants paid to enter the " Corporate Advocacy & Remediation Program ". Here is a screen shot of the archived image of Ed Magedson's original testimonial in which he admits he was retained to "investigate" this company:

Click to View

3. Taking off his "Henry" hat, Ed Magedson then waved his magic "investigation" wand and Presto/ Chango!!! National Grants became a paying client of the Rip Off Report, and they have had no reports of any nature whatsoever published on the Rip Off Report since August 30, 2004!!

Click to View


Two down and one to go. Maria Crimi Speth will soon be disqualified as Ed Magedson's lawyer. She is already a material witness and will soon be sued, herself. Read Federated's Motion.


Ed Magedson's Florida Attorneys quit on him. Withdraw from second Florida lawsuit.


Magedson Twists the Truth and We Translate

A California company,, paid Ed Magedson and, suddenly, the Rip-Off Report ( & now reads like an advertisement for Transitioning from consumer advocate to advertising executive in one fell swoop, Magedson has "updated" (rewritten) the titles of all of the 'consumer' complaints about this California company that now pays him. Of course, now that the Rip-off Report has been "retained" (well-paid in advance) by this business, Ed Magedson, corporate spokesperson, claims that "exemplifies corporate integrity" (met Ed's Price).


On 8/2/05 Federated Financial asked whether or not Ed Magedson, 'Consumer Advocate,' will continue to hide, or will the owner and editor of the rip-off report, and come forward to defend himself?
His Attorney, Maria Crimi Speth answers us: Ed Magedon will remain in hiding...
WHY??? What does he have to hide???


Inept Attorney Maria Crimi Speth, refuses to produce audiotapes of Federated Financial allegedly threatening Ed Magedson, Owner and Founder of and
Why won't she produce these tapes?
Because they do NOT exist!

08/02/05 - Latest Update

Ed Magedson, EDitor of and, is still sought by Federated Financial for questioning. Will he show or continue to hide?


"Ed Magedson is still fighting this INFORMATION REQUEST. Who is the one hiding, and causing unnecessary attorneys fees? Why doesn't Ed Magedson tell the "straight" story?"

Illiterate Criminal Magedson deposed in 2003. Mocks the court by refusing to answer simple questions.
Unscrupulous Speth helps Ed play the shell game.

Federated Financial subpoenas Maria Crimi Speth and Ed Magedson.
Turn over those illegal tapes!
You have broken the LAW!!!
No one from this company has ever threatened anyone


Ed Magedson, owner and founder of and, hides from service of legal process.


Did Ed Magedson, founder of Rip Off Report/Bad Business Bureau, and self professed consumer advocate steal his tenant's money? Newspaper says he did!!
Ed Magedson admits he writes his own rip off reports on Click Here to read the article


Shutts and Bowen STILL argue to the Miami-Dade County, Florida Circuit Court that Ed Magedson,, and conduct no business activities connected to Florida.


Magedson falsely swears to Dade County Court that and
conduct no business activities in Florida


Magedson's questionable scruples.



Magedson's lawyers wrong again! Judge withdraws from case at Federatedi Financial's request.


Ed Magedson sued AGAIN!

Travis and Mackson defend Ed Again.
Do they have any other clients?


Isn't lying to the court furthering a criminal conspiracy?

Magedson's attorneys file another insipid, superfluous, court document because "They Can't Handle The Truth!!" This otherwise USELESS statement by Magedson's lawyers ADMITS they have an ongoing business relationship with a Florida Company, again proving that the Lawyer's themselves are Blatant Liars who continue to misrepresent the truth to the court. Judge for yourselves...

"I CHALLENGE SPETH, MACKSON, & TRAVIS to prove the lies in their latest poorly drafted and ill-conceived document. Show us where you've been threatened. Your addresses are public record. Long ago, Mr. Magedson posted my home address as well as those of attorney Christopher Whitelock, and Mr. Chris McFarland. His attorneys continue to condone genuine threats that are far worse. As these lawyers are so fond of saying "Quid Pro Quo." Shame on you people. You are all incompetent liars and an embarrassment to the Bar." THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING OUR CASE FOR JURISDICTION.

----Steve Miller Federated Financial


Lee Mackson
One Down
  Geoffrey Travis
One To Go


Immediate Capital Group balks at public exposure of what they paid Magedson "for the quick removal of ... false information...."

See their Petition here.


Ed Madegson reveals he DOES DELETE POSTS, in his email to Mini Vacations! Click here to Read!

"It sounds to me like you guys want to remove a report. I did not agree to that, and if you did, that would be a first."
Maria Crimi Speth 12/03/2004
Which one of these two is lying?
The Consumer Advocate/Extortionist Ed Magedson or, his Lawyer partner???

Maria Crimi Speth


Criminal, Ed Magedson

Ed's Extortionate Email to
Ed's Extortionate Email to
Federated Financial:
Ed's Extortionate Email to
Mini Vacations:
Ed's Extorionate Email to
International Creative Artists:




Mini Vacations, a Sarasota, FL business, paid Magedson over $50,000, to edit and delete content on the Rip-Off Report.
Second Florida Company, Incredible Discoveries/Sundown Capital Group, located here in Deerfield Beach, also paid to Magedson for positive treatment on his Rip-Off Report
See cancelled checks here.
Ed Magedson swears Rip-Off Report does "no business in Florida" (p.1. para.3.) and does not "edit or manipulate [the website] content" (p.3.para.4.)

"Treat others as you would want them to treat you. ..I have always had a "live and let live" philosophy in dealing with people: tolerant and accepting of people whose culture, background or upbringing was different from my own. We are a melting pot in this country, and I always had a strong distaste for bigoted or derogatory remarks about other people based only on race, national origin, religion or even sexual orientation. Adherence to the Golden Rule and treating others fairly and squarely is a code of conduct that I practice in all business and personal endeavors. It's also common sense, because I believe narrow minded people often cut themselves off from their own potential for success." -Ed Magedson

Ed Magedson personally Served through Secretary of State of Florida:
Ed Magedson's Corporation Served:
Ed Magedson Served...AGAIN!
Federal Judge Makes Magedson Pay for Avoiding Service:

Meet Maria Crimi Speth,
Ed Magedson's Attorney. Why did Maria tell the court that Mini Vacations is just a "vendor" for the Rip Off Report?

Maria Crimi Speth

The Rip-Off Report won't allow us to respond to any complaints about us that appear on that website. We firmly believe that the vast majority of these were fabricated by the Rip-Off Report owners to further their extortion scheme. The most absurd, inflammatory and hurtful claims, are obviously not from actual clients or former employees of ours. Thousands and thousands of satisfied Federated clients served over the years are our greatest testimonial to the excellence of our services and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Federated Financial encourages its clients to communicate with us directly because almost all client concerns are promptly and professionally resolved. Those few who have first complained elsewhere have made a mistake by not permitting us an opportunity to first address their concerns. We hope that by directly addressing those Rip-Off Report complaints we've identified as coming from clients, we can demonstrate that we mean what we say and take all such concerns seriously. While we will certainly defend our own reasonable actions when challenged, we want to be clear, we publicize these differences only to let consumers, themselves, decide what kind of company we really are. We are far from indifferent to client complaints, and so we respond to those we've identified on the Rip-Off Report here.

Ed Magedson's Extortionate Offer

Ed Magedson won't let us post rebuttals on his sites, and, so we have created this site as a forum to post our side of the story. He uses his websites to extort money from honest businesses in return for testimonials from Ed Magedson wrote to us on 12/31/04, in response to our lawsuit against him, offering to give us a good testimonial for "a reduced fee of $2,500 up front and a monthly monitoring of about $125 a month...The normal cost for the amount of Reports you have would be about $9,000 and much more of a monthly monitoring fee...An investigative Report by Rip-off Report...would be a very positive one, turning all the negatives into a positive. Anyone would want to do business with your company. You will wish there were more Rip-off Reports on you, ...NO joke..."

Click here to see how Ed Magedson demanded over $50,000 from another company that is also suing him and the Rip-Off Report, (See, Hy Cite Corporation vs., Ed Magedson, et al, filed in U.S. District Court, District of Arizona). Click here to view the Complaint in that case.
Original Documents Available Upon Request.

Click here to see how Ed Magedson demanded $5,000 from a small business owner in return for a positive testimonial.

Click here to see the Complaint filed by an Arizona law firm that was victimized by the same Rip-Off Report extortion scheme. (Levenbaum & Cohen, et al, Plaintiffs, vs. Xcentric Ventures, LLC, Ed Magedson, et al, Defendants, No.CV2004-020368, Superior Court of Arizona for Maricopa County.)

Yet Ed himself has admitted in at least one newspaper article, "Taking money from businesses that bureaus are supposed to watch is a conflict of interest..."

To Our Valued Clients:

  First, we would like you to know we have been victimized by the Rip Off Report, and we care about your opinion. This website is designed, not only to give our side of the story, but also to be certain that we are fulfilling all of your needs as clients. We do not commonly exchange incendiary comments in public when this can be avoided, regardless of the justification, if only to avoid insulting the sensibilities of those reasonable, well-intentioned individuals who might otherwise wonder as to our motives. Nevertheless, because of the slander and manipulations of the owner of the Rip Off Report, Ed Magedson, we have been forced to create this website. Because of the actions of Ed Magedson and the content of his Rip Off Report website, we were simply left with no alternative means to defend our good name.

  While mutual insults have been hurled and the debate has been filled with emotion, please recognize that this is only because we are proud of our good name. This is a very emotional issue for us because we've worked so hard to build a good reputation, and we are being treated unfairly by Ed Magedson and those who would destroy our good name if they could.

  Don't let the language fool you. We are the good guys and the victims. The sole purpose of this site is to assure your continuing confidence in the quality of our services. We take client satisfaction seriously, and our reputation is second to none.

  Ed Magedson won't let us post rebuttals on his sites, and, so we have created this site as a forum to post our side of the story. Here are our rebuttals that the Rip Off Report prevented us from posting, together with their corresponding complaints. We serve tens of thousands of people and our track record is exemplary. Notwithstanding, Rip Off Report removes our good faith rebuttals and slanders us. Magedson has even gone so far as to falsely portray himself as our former employee, in order to offer false "inside" information about our company on his website, information that was actually concocted by him out of thin air as part of a criminal scheme.

  Ed Magedson and his Rip Off Report have slandered FEDERATED FINANCIAL SERVICES INC. on many occasions and tried to extort money from us to take down his lies. To fight Mr. Magedson in a Court of Law won't work as he has cleverly avoided service of legal process. He won't let us post rebuttals to these false complaints, yet he maintains that business owners are free to do so. We invite anyone who has been similarly damaged by this vile extortionist to email us with your story.
  Consider the dates on the earliest "Rip Off" reports concerning our company. These were first submitted on 9/15/99 and 8/4/00, respectively, over five (5) and four (4) years ago. Five (5) years is a lifetime in the history of a debt management company. Most debt management plans are to be completed in 3-5 years. Since its inception in December 1997, (the debt management experience of its senior management actually goes back much further) Federated has graduated thousands of debt free clients. During this same time period, Federated has managed to grow to now service tens of thousands of active, satisfied customers. It has done so despite working in a competitive, increasingly well-regulated, industry that is witnessing ongoing civil and criminal prosecutions of some of our biggest competitors by state and federal authorities. Federated's reputation has never been better, both with its own clients and with their creditors, who provide extremely valuable concessions to Federated's customers. As one of the very first credit counseling agencies to earn its registration to the ISO 9001:2000 Standard for Quality Management Systems in November 2001, our agency has made a concerted and consistent effort to identify and correct any and all customer concerns in a manner that exceeds industry standards and client expectations.

     If the worst that can be said about us is that a few, extremely negative, spiteful, and unfair individuals (including those behind the Rip Off Report itself) have waged an unsuccessful disinformation campaign about us on a website devoted to gossip by its patrons and extortion by its owner, well... that's not so bad, is it?

  Take a careful look at the defamatory manipulations of the Rip Off Report website- consider the extortion scheme in which it is employed by its owner, Ed Magedson- and decide for yourself. Look at the original "submitted" date and the "modified" date of those first two rip off reports against us, on 9/15/99 and 8/4/00. Here are those reports as they appeared, with our rebuttals, before they were removed from that site by the Rip Off Report EDitors

     Look at what those same reports look like today (Note that they still bear the modification dates on which we posted our rebuttals, however, the rebuttals themselves were removed by Ed Magedson and the Rip Off Report when we refused to pay extortion for a "testimonial.")

     Here is the complaint filed on 12/21/02, with our rebuttal and with Ed Magedson's gloating response. This is what the same complaint looks like today.

  If we are making this up, then why do modification dates show on postings that now appear to never have been modified? They now appear on the site alone as they did when first submitted, prior to our good faith efforts at responding. Why would we devote our own website to this, if we were permitted to post our rebuttals on the Rip Off Report directly?

     Why would we make this up?

  Still not convinced? Go to the link below for positive proof. This link will take you off of our website to another site that archives old pages of the entire internet. It's an excellent resource to use to see what the web once looked like. This is a permanent, online version of one of our rebuttals - together with Ed Magedson's taunt - as it once appeared on the Rip Off Report:

     Complaint from 12/21/01

  This archived image is stored on a nonprofit website entirely unrelated to us and independent from us. This is rock solid evidence that what we say is true: the Rip Off Report and ED Magedson removed our good faith rebuttals that once appeared on their slimy web site. This link proves this beyond a shadow of any doubt. THE RIP OFF REPORT is an evil, criminal SCAM!!!!! We encourage others to use the wayback machine to make certain that the Rip Off Report and ED Magedson do not escape their criminal history!!!!!

  Since we have created this website, the attacks against us on the Rip Off Report have multiplied, become more and more absurd in their content, and they are clearly not from any clients of ours. Magedson publishes false complaints, posts he himself has admitted knowing full well are bogus, because by doing so he perpetuates his own extortion upon honest businesses. The Rip Off Report is no more than a tool in an extortion scheme.